WRL News

We are pleased to announce the following key appointments to WRL

Ray Atkinson

Ray has had extensive experience in commercial real estate since 2001.

Prior to that he managed his own interior design company for a lengthy period.  His company was highly respected in the industry and completed a number of major commercial and residential projects.

An invitation to try something different in 2001 resulted in Ray making the decision to take up a commercial real estate agent’s position.

Ray brings a wealth of experience and people skills to his role as a commercial real estate broker for WRL.

M: + 64 021 948 315
E:  ray.atkinson@xtra.co.nz

John Mahoney

After successfully owning and operating a number of family businesses in Auckland, John has been involved in Real Estate since 1997.

An earlier career in export marketing over a 20 year period with major international companies required considerable travel allied to thye trading desks.

This career offered a serious training ground for the negotiating and people skills necessary in commercial real estate.

John is a transplanted Southlander and has lived in Auckland for 30 years.

M: +64 021 763 783

E: jaypeem@xtra.co.nz